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Social Commitment
At Pai Brothers, we are committed to environmental protection in our business activities, from operations to the design of products and use of technology. Our environmental management system is the key element of the company's efforts to achieve results consistent with government environmental norms and ensures the company is vigilant in protecting the environment.

Realising the hazards of pollutants and wastage disposal and its impact on the quality of life, we have been consciously creating an eco-safe operation unit. Strict measures are taken to make sure that waste such as oil, coolant, cartridges, batteries, chemicals, plastics, etc. are systematically collected and handed over to the competent disposal agencies.

Regular workshops and meetings with our employees ensure that all our employees are fully aware of the hazards caused by the pollutants and their own responsibilities towards a safe environment.

This commitment to the environment has resulted in the area pollution board issuing us all requisite certificates confirming our compliance with the pollution norms and keeping the factory and surroundings free of these hazards.

What’s more, we have also succeeded in creating an atmosphere to have accident free functioning and have deployed various methods for accidentprevention. Operators have been provided high quality safety equipment in line with international industry standards, resulting in a ‘zero accident’ record.

The sprawling plant itself is designed in such a way that there is free circulation of air to keep the plant cool. We have provided adequate windows so that maximum use of natural light is possible resulting in electric power conservation.

We look at trees as both shade providers and oxygen generators. For that purpose, we have planted close to 40 trees outside our plant and in our compound which helps in keeping the area cool and green.
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